How many green-certified homes are there in the US?

LEED Platinum, FGBC Platinum
2020 Alton Road, Miami Beach, FL: LEED Platinum, FGBC Platinum certified

Answer: 1.05M. To my surprise, this simple question had no immediate answer via Google. After a bit of research, here’s a breakdown of the number of green-certified US homes by program type (cumulative)

Number of US Green-Certified Homes:

  • Energy Star for Homes – 1,000,000 – (Nov. 2009 – source)
  • National Green Building Standard – 25,000 (Sept. 2013 – source)
    20,500 (July 2013 – source)
  • LEED for Homes – 24,000 (2012 – source)
  • Florida Green Build – 5,600 (2013)
  • Passive House – 90 (Aug. 2013 – source)
  • Living Building Challenge – 39 (July 2013 – source)
  • Total: 1,054,729 1,050,229

Yes, some homes may hold multiple certifications, so the total is somewhat overstated.


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UPDATE: NGBS totals updated as per comment from hoby below.

3 Responses to “How many green-certified homes are there in the US?”

  1. hoby

    actually the national green building standard is up to about 25,000. Energy Star homes really are not “green” in that it only focuses on energy and water whereas NGBS and LEED focus on far wider aspects to be certified green

    • bryonthomas

      Thanks for the clarification, hoby. I updated the NGBS total above. I just noticed that the Home Innovation Research Labs home page ( now shows a counter of NGBS-certified homes and lots. Even though Energy Star homes not technically “green” for the reasons you mention, they are better than code-built houses. Let’s call them “greenish” houses. Therefore, I will include them in the overall total, with this caveat.

  2. Sofia

    Do you have a breakdown on the location of the 1 m plus homes? It would be interesting to see which states are leading the effort


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