Who’s winning the smart thermostat race?

Who’s winning the smart thermostat race: Nest, Lennox, Carrier, Honeywell, Trane, Radio Thermostats?

The battle for smart thermostats rages on. Especially since smart thermostats may be a trojan horse into the adoption of home automation, for starter houses through the multi-million dollar mansions.

In 2010, Popular Mechanics named the Trane ComfortLink II one of its top products of 2010. One year later, Nest Labs launched the Nest Thermostat in October 2011. Then, in 2013, Honeywell launched its Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats. During that time Lennox launched its icomfort Wi-Fi thermostat and Carrier launched the Prestige ComfortChoice thermostat. And Radio Thermostat has been a long-standing player in smart thermostat market.

But who has captured the most mindshare for smart thermostats? And how quickly is the mindshare growing?

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The market for smart thermostats began in late 2011. The Nest thermostat has more than 5x the search traffic of the Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat.

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Removing the Nest thermostat from Google Trends and adding in Carrier ComfortChoice smart thermostat draws a more interesting picture of the rival smart thermosat vendors. Honeywell is the clear #2 vendor, followed by the Radio Thermostats.

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After bumping along from 2007-2011, the smart thermostat market takes off in mid-2011.