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At HouseSoGreen we LOVE green-certified homes! We’re proud to showcase some of the best-built homes in the world. Homes that are safer, healthier, more durable, more comfortable, more resilient to natural disasters and more energy-efficient.

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House So Green is an online platform with over 40,000 green-certified homes. House So Green is a community for homeowners and professionals focused exclusively on green-certified homes, including LEED, Net Zero Energy, Passive House Institute US, Passive House International, Living Building Challenge, National Green Building Standard, US DOE Zero Energy Ready, Energy Star, RESNET Home Energy Rating System (HERS). House So Green is the one place on the web where you can see all green-certified homes across more than 30 international, national, and regional green certification programs and growing!

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Find top-ranked green-certified homes near you. Search by green certification type. View the professionals who designed and built these homes and the products used. Learn how homes rank in your city, county, state, climate zone based on certification level/points. See green-certified home collections such as Chicago Green-Built Home Tour, San Diego Home Tour, Austin Cool Home Tour and Habitat for Humanity.

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Score and Rank Green-Certified Homes

Green-certified homes are ranked based on green certification scores, such as LEED points (higher is better) or by the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index developed by RESNET, the de facto standard in measuring a home’s energy efficiency.

The HERS index ranges from 0-100, and just like golf scores, a lower HERS score is better. A net-zero energy home means, the house produces all the energy it consumes on an annual basis. A negative HERS score, is even better, indicating the home produces more energy than it consumes on an annual basis. A homeowner in a net-positive home pays only a monthly hook-up fee to the local utility company. Better yet, some local electric utility companies pay homeowners for the excess power produced, depending on your area.

Green-certified homes are 50-100% more efficient than conventional new homes, are 100-200% more efficient than most existing homes and typically cost only 5-8% more to build.  

Maximize the Value of Your Home

For most of us, our homes are our most valuable asset. Green certifications provide an independent stamp of quality and ensure homes are built to the highest standards, using the best design, best building science and best products available. The result is a healthier, more durable, more resilient, more comfortable and more energy-efficient home with the lowest utility bills possible. Green-certified homes retain their value, with resale values of 8-15% higher, on average, compared to conventional homes.

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